I have been calling skinmedix.com to ask for pricing and can never reach a real person. The business hour listed is fake and no matter what time I call there is not even an option to leave a voice mail!

I just can't believe it. I called the manufacturer for Glytone products and they have confirmed skinmedix is selling so cheap because it is NOT an authorized reseller, which means they can be selling old, expired, or near expired products. Please do yourself a favor and stay away.

They are cheap for a reason! This kind of website cannot be trusted!

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Los Angeles, California, United States #738124

For 1 week I've been leaving messages..with no response..who wants to business with someone who won't return a "new" customers phone call..See BBB complaints...what can I expect if I have a problem with the order, no amount of money potentially saved can be worth that aggravation. Try to call them yourself at 888-888-3462, maybe you'll have more success???? I go with the best deal on Ebay instead.


I have purchased from SkinMedix all the time with no problem at all. The are authorize they are not authorized to sell onlne and compete with Lovelskin.

Do you honestly think if they were not legit all those companies would allow them to sell their products. Go to lovelyskin and pay more end of story.

to SUNSHINE #824067

Not authorized to sell most products. You get what you pay for - good luck with that!


I have never received my 200$ order!

At the beginning they were answering my emails then they stopped and they even blacklisted me from facebook.

As they asked me to wait, I have waited and then when I asked Amex to deal with them as I never received my order, Amex told me it is too late...

Do not trust SkinMedix!!!


Wait, you are calling for pricing but the prices are listed? And they are less expensive and you are not happy about it?

Sounds like you work for the manufacturer and want to create fear to keep people paying full price from your web site. Shameless.


I have the same problem with Amazon and my cable provider: can't get a live person on the phone!!!

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